sáb. Ene 25th, 2020

Types of massages


Neck, back and shoulder. (30 min.)
It consists of a local massage, with the intention of relieving the stresses that produce stress, bad postures and emotional tension and those acquired in the workplace.

Neck, back and shoulder descontracting (40 min.)
Therapeutic massage more incisive than the previous one. What is intended is to dissolve the contractures that are in this muscular area, to create relief, calm tensions and consequently pain. The massage finally includes a series of stretches that achieve greater flexibility and release greater amount of tension.

Relaxing Full body massage. (50 min.)
It consists of a therapeutic massage applied to the whole body, with gentle and relaxing movements, emphasizing areas where more tension accumulates.

Full body massage (50 min.)
Therapeutic massage applied to the whole body, locating the areas of greatest tension; working contractures more deeply, so we can dissolve those knots in the muscle fiber, thus returning to restore muscle, eliminating pain and tension.

Tired legs. (30 min.)
Massage located only in the leg area. It is intended to dissolve any tension and eliminate pain.


Hot stones massage treatment.

It consists of a therapy with volcanic stones, called basalt, with great energetic power that conserve the heat during the session. We apply stones previously heated in water and wrapped in almond oil are applied on the skin, sliding through the body, providing a pleasant sensation in order to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and muscle tension, also regulating insomnia.

Warm therapy candle massages.

A wonderful massage that consists of applying the warm wax of an aromatic candle on the body by sliding gently with the forearms, the oil on the surface of the skin achieving a relaxing effect relieving muscular pains, improving sleep and achieving full hydration.

Aloe Vera after sunburned treatment.

This treatment consists of applying the fleshy part of the aloe plant creating an immediate effect of relief in sunburn.

Aloe vera, millenary plant in the Canary Islands; has a series of fantastic therapeutic properties that make the skin regenerate, hydrate and nourish naturally, providing a series of vitamins and minerals, resulting in a luminous skin and full of health.

Aloe Vera wrap therapy.

First of all we apply a peeling based on sea salt and natural almond oil to eliminate dead cells and prepare the skin to receive the properties of the aloe plant. Then proceed to a shower of warm water, followed by an application of the natural aloe plant on the skin and then wrap the whole body with a plastic in order to release heat, dilating the pores and receiving all the therapeutic properties of aloe , mentioned in the previous treatment. Finally, the plastic is removed and a massage is made with the aloe itself, accompanied if necessary, an oil or gel from the same plant, resulting in a hydrated, soft and smooth skin.

Champi indian massages

Ayurvedic millenarian therapy that consists, in the first 20 minutes, of a massage sitting on a chair, thus facilitating work more adequately, the entire upper part of the body, that is, head, face, neck, ears and shoulders, with oils and rubs on the scalp and pressing the area in turn to look for stress points and relieve them.

The last half hour, is lying on a stretcher upside down, emphasizing back and legs, resulting in full relaxation and great relief. It is very good for tension and headache

Peeling plus massages

It consists of a peeling of sea salt and almond oil, throughout the body, in order to clean and prepare the skin for sun exposure.

The procedure to follow is the application of a peel in order to eliminate dead cells, with vigorous movements of rubbing on the skin and once this first step is finished, we go to the shower of warm water and later, on a stretcher, a moisturizing massage .